Affiche A4
Adult cyber-tale.
Desperate spell in order to exterminate a world that’s already lost.
The story is displayed through twenty images and their soudtrack, without any word.
It’s the discovering of a desolate universe and its ritual, cold, mechanical destruction.
Post-apocalyptic apocalypse.
A noisy and cahotic bestiairy, haunted by disastrous litanies.
2.0 demons with dark twisted minds, gathered for the shit-eaters carnage.

Cancer and Misanthropie collaboration, the project comes alive as a screenprinted grimoire and its soundtrack.
150 copies are gonna be printed, and exhibitions are planned.

Feel free to contact us for any question or additional informations.
We’re also looking for spaces to showcase our work as an exhibition.

Contact :
First extracts of the soundtrack :


Cancer & Misanthropie